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亚愽官网登录|新华社评中超第一阶段:防疫工作零差错 赛会制同样精彩
名称:亚愽官网登录|新华社评中超第一阶段:防疫工作零差错 赛会制同样精彩

From 00:00 on July 16 to 9:00 on September 29, after the closure for 75 days, the blue zone of the Suzhou Division of the Super League was released. At this point, the first phase of the Chinese Super League has officially come to an end.


Before the start of the league, Chen Xuyuan, chairman of the Chinese Football Association, proposed that the goal of the new season is "one guarantee, two pursuits"-to ensure that there is no case of new crown infection during the league; strive to operate the entire game in a healthy and orderly manner during the closed period; The league is fair and exciting and must show a good spirit to the people of the whole country.


75 days later, the Chinese Super League handed in a brilliant answer.


"In the history of world sports, there is almost no tournament system with such a long time span. Not to mention the centralized isolation of thousands of people, including players, staff, and hotel logistics. Epidemic prevention is the top priority. There can be no problems in one link." Dong Zheng, general manager of the Super League, said frankly, he was a little nervous at first.


No precedents can be found, and the preparations for the league start with scene simulations, and various scenes that may appear. From express delivery to the team bus on the high-speed, from the isolation personnel to see the doctor to the stadium turf maintenance personnel to come and go, the Chinese Football Association's epidemic prevention manual has been revised over a dozen times, and finally a set of meticulous and strict epidemic prevention measures have been formed.


"Everything is predicated. 70% of the scenarios we envisioned later happened, because we thought about it in advance, so we were able to deal with it calmly." said Guo Bingyan, the general coordinator of the Dalian Division. "For example, if the body temperature exceeds 37.3 degrees in the blue zone, , We made a detailed plan. As a result, during the recurrence of the Dalian epidemic, a team member's body temperature exceeded 37.3 degrees. We immediately activated the relevant plan. Later, the hospital diagnosed that his temperature rise was caused by sudden acute enteritis. high."

“一切都是有条件的。后来我们设想的场景中有70%发生了,因为我们事先考虑过,因此我们能够从容应对。”大连分部总协调员郭炳彦说。 “例如,如果蓝色区域的体温超过37.3度,我们就制定了详细的计划。结果,在大连流行病复发期间,团队成员的体温超过37.3度。我们立即启动了相关计划后来,医院诊断出他的体温升高是由突然的急性肠炎引起的。

A total of 23019 nucleic acid tests were carried out in the Dalian and Suzhou competition areas in the first phase, and no one was infected. "This proves that our epidemic prevention measures are indeed effective. The football rematch is an important symbol of the country's resumption of work and production. This is also due to the government, hotels and venues where the two competition areas are located. Great support." Dong Zheng said.

在第一阶段的大连和苏州比赛区共进行了23019个核酸测试,没有人被感染。 “这证明我们的防疫措施确实有效。足球比赛是该国恢复工作和生产的重要标志。这也要归功于两个比赛区所处的政府,酒店和场馆。大力支持。 ”董铮说。

It is understood that the AFC and Premier League companies have taken the initiative to exchange experience in the Chinese Super League with the Chinese Football Association. In the upcoming (Doha) AFC Champions League rematch in November, the same zoning arrangements as the Chinese Super League and all isolation measures have been adopted.


For the Super League this season, the organizing committee has adopted strict anti-epidemic measures such as nucleic acid testing and isolation to put the hotel, stadium, training ground and other players’ activity areas during the game under layers of protection, establishing a closed-loop system— -The blue zone.


During the interview in the blue zone, many staff members told reporters that they had lost weight. "The diet in the blue zone is very nutritious and healthy, coupled with regular exercise, it has been a long time since I have such a good physical condition."

在蓝色区域的采访中,许多工作人员告诉记者,他们减肥了。 “蓝色区域的饮食营养丰富,健康,加上定期运动,距我身体状况良好已经很长时间了。”

As long as it is the night of a non-match day, the organizing committee staff, referees, media, and team staff including Sun Xiang and Lang Zheng in the blue zone of the Suzhou Division will gather to play. Many friendships are forged here, and many problems are solved here.


This is a microcosm of life in the blue zone-harmony and relaxation. Behind this is a large number of meticulous work arrangements in the two regions.


After each round of competition, the organizing committee of the competition area will hold a joint meeting with the leaders of each club to coordinate various matters. Suzhou Taimei Xiangguli Hotel and Dalian Crowne Plaza Hotel have also equipped 16 teams with butlers who provide one-click services to meet the individual needs of the teams.


From roasted whole lamb to small hot pot, various specialties are on the table of the players. The organizing committee also launched billiard games, table tennis games, book reading and other activities one after another to help players relax in their spare time.


Guangzhou Evergrande head coach Cannavaro told Guo Bingyan that he had many worries before coming to Dalian, but he found that "everything was perfect" after coming.


The Shijiazhuang Yongchang team made a special trip to leave a thank you letter for the Suzhou Division, which read: "Too many meticulous and considerate, so that every player and staff living here feel extremely comfortable and practical. This is A very large and coordinated work, from clothing, food, housing, transportation to hygiene and health, fully guarantees the needs of the team."


As the game entered the intermission period, Shanghai SIPG's foreign aid Anautović also specially invited Qingdao Huanghai team's foreign aid Vukovic and Hebei China Fortune team foreign aid Memishevich to his home for the National Day. Their friendship was formed in the coffee shop in the blue zone.


"Our original intention is to make the club feel comfortable in the blue zone, so that the players can play well on the court. The special environment of the blue zone also promotes friendly exchanges between the teams, which is very important for the entire league. Both are good. It can be seen that throughout the first stage of the game, there was no violent incident on the court." Dong Zheng said.


A total of 112 matches were played in the first stage of the Chinese Super League. Dong Zheng said that although it is a tournament system, the Super League this season is still brilliant.


"Our U23 young players have got a lot of opportunities to exercise, playing time, the number of goals and other aspects have very good growth." Dong Zheng said. Statistics show that compared with the first 14 rounds of the 2019 season, the total playing time of U23 players this season has increased by 6,822 minutes.


The average net game time of the Super League this season is 52 minutes and 37 seconds, slightly lower than the 52 minutes and 53 seconds in the first fourteen rounds of last season. Dong Zheng believes that this has something to do with the previous hot weather and the team's lack of playing games for too long.


"In the entire first stage, there were 12 games with a net game time of more than 60 minutes. The highest net game time was 68 minutes and 05 seconds, exceeding the highest level of the previous season. With the increase in the intensity of the second stage, the Chinese Super League will enjoy further viewing Increase." Dong Zheng said.


According to Dong Zheng, the organizing committee invited some media to settle in the blue zone to have close contact with the team and players for interviews and shooting. "It used to be very troublesome to interview players and there are many procedures, but it is very easy in the blue zone. These media have produced a lot of wonderful content in the blue zone for the super audience, and they have achieved very good results on the new media side. Spread effect."

据董正介绍,组委会邀请了一些媒体在蓝区定居,与球队和球员保持密切联系进行采访和射击。 “采访球员很麻烦,程序很多,但是在蓝色区域很容易。这些媒体为超级观众在蓝色区域产生了很多精彩的内容,他们取得了很好的成绩。在新媒体方面取得了成功。传播效果。”

The first stage of the Chinese Super League officially kicked off on July 25. According to statistics from PP Sports, the exclusive new media copyright operator of the Super League, the total number of spectators on the first day exceeded 30 million. Among them, the focus battle between Guangzhou Evergrande and Shanghai Shenhua attracted about 20 million people. After the Super League restarted eight rounds of competition, the proportion of new users of PP Sports reached 20%, and the proportion of users who watched the game on mobile has also increased significantly compared to last season.

中国超级联赛第一阶段比赛于7月25日正式拉开帷幕。根据超级联赛独家新媒体版权运营商PP Sports的统​​计,首日观众总数超过了3000万。其中,广州恒大和上海申花之间的焦点战吸引了约2000万人。中超重新开始八轮比赛后,PP Sports的新用户比例达到20%,并且通过移动设备观看比赛的用户比例也比上赛季显着增加。

In addition, Dong Zheng said that although the overall income of the Super League will be reduced due to the impact of the epidemic, in addition to ensuring the normal operation of the league, a certain amount of participation fees can be allocated to each club. "All our sponsors and broadcasters are very supportive and cooperative. The Chinese Super League schedule has indeed been shortened, and the two sides are also negotiating the contract amount in a friendly manner. It is precisely because everyone overcomes the difficulties together that the league can proceed smoothly."

此外,董正说,尽管由于流行病的影响,中超联赛的总收入将减少,但除了确保联赛的正常运转之外,还可以为每个俱乐部分配一定数量的参加费。 “我们所有的赞助商和广播公司都非常支持和合作。中国超级联赛的时间表确实缩短了,双方也在以友好的方式谈判合同金额。这正是因为每个人都可以共同克服困难,联盟可以顺利进行。”

On the 27th, the Super League announced the schedule of the second stage. The first game will start on October 16, and the championship will be decided on November 12. Dong Zheng said that the current preparations have been fully rolled out.


"The logistical support and cross-regional movement plans of the two competition areas have been distributed to each team in the form of documents. The second phase of the competition will still adopt the form of closed management, and the specific epidemic prevention policies will be carried out according to the local situation. Fine-tuning." Dong Zheng said, "We have also issued special epidemic prevention manuals to clubs, requiring clubs to refer to them during intermittent periods. The basic principle is that players and staff cannot leave the country."


Regarding the competition venues, Dong Zheng introduced that the construction of 3 stadiums and 9 training grounds in the Suzhou Division will fully spread winter grass and level the ground from the 29th. It is expected that the second stage will provide good opportunities for the championship competition. Site conditions.


"For the entire hardware guarantee, the Suzhou Municipal Government and the Suzhou Olympic Sports Center have provided a full range of support. Basically, the organizing committee will provide whatever is required, and they have done a lot of work." Dong Zheng said.


Dong Zheng said that the organizing committee is still discussing with the local government of the competition area to open a larger audience on the premise of meeting the epidemic prevention requirements. "In principle, we must strive to open ticket sales for each game, but the specific number of people needs to be negotiated with relevant departments. We will announce relevant ticket sales information as soon as possible."

董铮说,组委会仍在与比赛地区的地方政府讨论,以在满足防疫要求的前提下扩大受众。 “原则上,我们必须努力为每场比赛开放门票销售,但具体人数需要与有关部门协商。我们将尽快宣布有关门票销售信息。”

It is understood that from October 8th, the staff of the organizing committee will return to the competition area one after another to start the second phase of work. "In the past, much of the work of the Chinese Super League was undertaken by the local divisions. This year, the blue zone work in the two divisions is organized by the staff of the Chinese Football Association, the Chinese Super League and the Ford Bow Company. We have used all the power we can use. This It has greatly exercised our actual ability to run matches and provided valuable experience for holding large-scale football matches in the future." Dong Zheng said.

据了解,从10月8日起,组委会工作人员将陆续返回竞赛区,开始第二阶段的工作。 “过去,中国超级联赛的大部分工作是由地方部门承担的。今年,两个部门的蓝区工作是由中国足球协会,中国超级联赛和福特的工作人员组织的。弓箭公司。我们竭尽所能。这极大地锻炼了我们进行比赛的实际能力,并为以后举办大型足球比赛提供了宝贵的经验。”董铮说。

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